Carel Weight PortraitCarel Weight is probably the most influential artist of the century. He studied at Goldsmiths as a youth and was set as a painter before he was made an Official War Artist. During his travels on behalf of (Sir) Kenneth Clarke as a war artist he saw the effect war had on streets and how quickly streets and places removed the signs of war even though the consequences on the people were lasting. He painted the images that had been seen but the traces removed.

He became one of the most popular of all teachers at the Royal College of Art. His pupils include David Hockney, Peter Blake, Ron Kitaj etc. He was so important as he says, "his job was not to teach them how to paint - but to teach them how to paint what they want to paint". This is what made him such a great painter - a combination of willingness to help and an understanding that there are things that the normal person does not see even as they pass a place where something monumental has happened.

A friend to many - he arranged to get Lowry elected to the Academy - and to numerous artists that he helped to fame, but he has never been a self publicist feeling he wants his friends to be able to afford and enjoy his pictures even though museums may be clamouring for them. Carel has exhibited at virtually every major venue worldwide. His work is in every important collection of Modern British art including HRH Queen Elizabeth, Tate Gallery, The Fitzwilliam and Ashmoleon Museums, Imperial War Museum, Vatican collection, British Museum.

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